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Common Nails, Chipboard Screws, Fastener - Yihe
Common Nails, Chipboard Screws, Fastener - Yihe

Top-Quality Confirmat Screws: Trusted Manufacturer

Yihe Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of Confirmat Screws in China. We take pride in producing high-quality Confirmat Screws that are widely used in the furniture and carpentry industry. Our screws are made from premium-grade materials and are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection for your furniture.

Confirmat Screws are specially designed for assembling furniture and cabinetry. They are self-tapping screws that are ideal for use with particleboard and other materials that are not able to hold traditional screws. These screws have a unique thread design that creates a strong hold and prevents the screw from coming out of the wood.

Our Confirmat Screws come in different sizes and finishes to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need screws for a DIY project or for commercial use, we have the perfect solution for you. At Yihe Enterprise Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our Confirmat Screws and order now to enjoy our competitive prices.

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  • Quality Confirmat Screws: Leading Manufacturer and Supplier from China
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Confirmat screws are revolutionizing the way we construct furniture. These specialized screws have been designed with the specific purpose of joining cabinet parts together with minimal risk of splitting or breaking. Confirmat screws have become the preferred fastening method for cabinetmakers, furniture manufacturers and DIY enthusiasts alike. The unique design of Confirmat screws allows them to form a strong bond with the workpiece, giving your furniture a solid structure that will last for years to come. They feature a special thread profile that enables the screw to grip the workpiece firmly, preventing the screw from becoming loose over time. Confirmat screws are particularly useful when assembling items with particle board, MDF or other similar materials as they prevent the material from cracking or breaking due to the pressure of the screw. They are available in different sizes, lengths, and materials, making them adaptable to any woodworking project. Whether you are building a cabinet, assembling a piece of furniture, or constructing something from scratch, Confirmat screws are the perfect solution. They are easy to use and can save valuable time and effort compared to traditional methods such as dowelling or mortise and tenon joints. Upgrade your woodworking game with Confirmat screws today and experience the difference in structure and stability they can bring to your furniture.

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